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Empowering Investments

We take ordinary people and turn them to real investors, through understandable learning.

Who We Are

Palengo Holdings (Pty) Ltd is a black woman owned company which is formed with the intention to acquire stakes in other companies, educate and empower people to invest. We do not Invest on behalf of our clients.

What We Do

We give Investment Insights – Introduction to investing – Teach equities (ETFs and shares) and how to invest in them as individuals/stokvels/investment clubs/general public – Guide on how to choose a FSB

Our Clients

Our Clients Include: Professionals (young and old), Small Businesses, Social clubs / Stokvels/ Investment clubs, Events /Pubications/Media/Corporates, Ordinary people (including informal sector), Churches, CSI

Empowering Investments

We take ordinary people and turn them into real investors, through simple learning.

We do provide individuals with educational tools and workshops which will enable them to invest themselves. Palengo is built on integrity and transparency which assures our clients, that money laundering or pyramid scheming is not how we operate our business.

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Get to know more about Stokvel

Members of stokvels come together and make contributions of an agreed amount on a regular basis, usually monthly. The group decides on how the money is shared, whether it is a rotating lump sum payment to the members or saved and shared at the end of the stokvel period, which is commonly six months or a year. This decision is mainly dependent on the type of stokvel. Members of stokvels are always saving for something specific

This is our investment to you!

About the Founder

Our Founding Director is Palesa Lengolo who is a Certified Associate of the Institute of Bankers CAIB(SA) and a member of South African Institute of Business Accountants (SAIBA). She has 8 years experience in financial services (accounting and investments). With a passion for knowledge, she is intrigued and fascinated by the stock market. Through her experience in working with finances she went on a mission to learn more about financial markets.

With what she has learnt and still learning she founded Palengo Holdings (which invests itself by acquiring other companies) with the primary focus being teaching and guiding people through Investment Education to attain financial freedom. She holds and facilitates various workshops/sessions for individuals, stokvels, events and communities. Palesa has been featured on CNBC Africa tv show “Personal Finances” as a Financial Educator, on radio Y-FM encouraging youth to invest, is a guest writer on Stokvel Voice magazine and a contributor on Stock Shop Daily. Her mantra is : “An investment in knowledge pays the best interest”- Benjamin Franklin

Palesa Lengolo

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